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Martin Fletcher has been covering world events for forty years, mostly for NBC News. For twenty-six years he was NBC correspondent in Israel and for fifteen, bureau chief as well. He has won almost every award in TV journalism, including the du Pont, known as the TV Pulitzer, five Overseas Press Club awards, the Edward R. Murrow award for excellence several times, and many other awards, including five Emmies. One for his coverage of Kosovo, another for Rwanda, and three for his reporting from Israel, one for the first Palestinian uprising, one for the second uprising, and the third for coverage of Israel’s war with Lebanon in 2006.
      He walked for three weeks across the Hindu Kush mountains from Pakistan into Afghanistan with the Mujahideen, today’s Taliban, to report on the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan. He was the only television reporter to join the Khmer rouge in Cambodia. He was the only reporter to enter the American embassy in Tehran when Iranian students held American diplomats hostage for 444 days.
      He began his journalism career with the BBC in London, continued as a cameraman with Visnews, where he won an award from the Royal Society of Television Cameraman of the Year, and has lived in Africa, Europe and the Middle East, and worked in almost every country on the planet.
      Anderson Cooper called him “for several decades the gold standard of war correspondents.”

Martin retired from NBC in January 2010 but still works for them on contract as a Special Correspondent.

He is now devoting himself to books. 


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